Outdoor Wedding Tips

1. Talk with your photographer and wedding vendors

Make sure you set up a time to discuss the outdoor setting with all your vendors. Your vendors are experts in the wedding industry and can give any additional advice on any extra equipment that may be needed for your wedding. Most importantly, talk with your photographer about what the sun will be like during the time of your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.


2. Backup weather plan

Regardless of the time of year, there’s a slight chance that the weather will not cooperate with you on your big day. Determine the best plan to help avoid stress if the weather does turn last minute, like securing a high quality tent just incase!

3. Notify your guests about outdoor weddings

Be sure to let your guests know that your wedding will be taking place outdoors. This will allow them to plan accordingly for what they should wear and what footwear is best. A great way to do this is by invitation or your wedding website!

4. Keep your guests comfortable

It’s important that your guests are comfortable throughout your entire wedding! During the summer season, offer your guests chilled water or a refreshing beverage while waiting for the ceremony to begin, or provide guests with parasols for shade from the sun. Whereas in the winter, offer hot chocolate or cider, and have baskets with blankets and shawls available, or even better, add some heaters!

5. Consider Mc’cing your ceremony

When having an outdoor ceremony in can be tricky for guests in the back rows to hear what’s being said, especially when there are no walls to block the wind or outside noise. A simple sound system is an easy fix. Ask your venue if there is electricity or a generator available or if they have any rental recommendations.

6. Look for shade

If possible, try to find a location that provides an ample amount of shade for your wedding ceremony! This is especially important during peak summer months in Southern California. Not only will shade help keep your guests comfortable, but it will help your photographer avoid harsh shadows and squinty eyes in photos.

7. Plan your menu around the weather

When planning your menu, it’s important to think about what the weather will be like. During the summer, offer your guests refreshing bites during cocktail hour, like a cold watermelon salad. While during the winter, you can provide a warm treat or beverage.