5 Questions Brides MUST ASK Before Booking A Rental Company


1. Does the price include the set up and delivery fee? Are there any hidden fees?

It’s important to ask any rental company what their delivery and set-up fees are. These costs will vary from company to company and are dependent on the distance from their warehouse location and size of order.

At Farm Tables and More, our delivery fee depends on the distance from our warehouse located in San Diego. The set-up fee can vary depending on the items being rented and how large the order is.

Examples of other hidden fees:

Be sure to ask if they charge sales tax on top of their prices. Some rental companies build it into their prices and others don’t, but it’s good for you to know up front what the total amount you’ll be investing is.

2. Does your team break down your rentals (tables, chairs, etc.) or do we have to do that?

If there’s one thing you don’t want to worry about on your wedding day, it’s the transport of a bunch of furniture to and from your venue. One of the perks of hiring a rental company is that they take care of getting your rentals to the wedding and back to their warehouse safe and sound. Depending on the time of year (summer season vs winter season) the rental company will have to coordinate the times of delivery and pick up with the amount of events they have that same day.

At Farm Tables and More, we work with the bride (or venue/wedding planner) to find a time that works best for both of us.

3. Will you help me with the design and planning process or just show up on the day of the wedding?

When it comes down to designing your wedding, the options are literally endless. Even if you’ve narrowed down that you want a modern rustic look, deciding on the design elements to execute that style can be overwhelming! This is where a rental company makes things so much easier! From tables to couches, the rental company has already curated a selection of items and often even organizes their stock by wedding style. Whether you’re designing a lounge area for the reception or arranging a cocktail hour, the rental company has a select number of pieces you can mix and match to carry out your vision.

At Farm Tables and More, our Event Managers will work with you from the very beginning to help bring your vision to life, even if it requires custom building and design! Our team will go above and beyond to be sure that a…….

4. How would you describe your company’s style and niche?

Every rental company has their own unique style that can attract a different niche. Inventories can include styles that are Rustic, Mid-Century, Classic, Eclectic, Industrial, Modern Vintage, or a mix of everything. Depending on your style and vision, it’s always a good idea to visit the rental companies showroom to see their pieces and decor in person.

At Farm Tables and More, we focus on attracting brides that are looking for a more modern or rustic style.


5. Do you do walkthroughs of the venue to become familiar with it before delivery?

When it comes down to planning your wedding, a venue walk-through is a must to tie up any loose ends. It’s incredibly important to find out what time your vendors can access the space and what time they need to leave by to avoid being billed by the venue for additional hours.

At Farm Tables and More, we provide free walkthroughs for any space after a 50% deposit is left. We HIGHLY recommend doing a walkthrough if we have never been to your venue before, if it is a private residence, or if we are providing lighting for your event. This will help us be more efficient the day of your wedding and avoid any problems.